The Porpoise Joke:

A large group of elementary students were scheduled to visit the Baltimore Aquarium. A couple of hours before the show, a very agitated caretaker of the porpoise tank ran up to the manager of the aquarium.

The caretaker said "Sir, two porpoises are getting very amourous with each other. We can't have them doing this when the children are here."

The manager said in reply, "The only thing I know that is an anti-aphrodesiac for porpoises is to feed them baby sea gulls. Go to the beach and get several baby gulls to feed them."

And so the caretaker took off for the beach. When he was almost there, the caretaker was stopped by a roadblock. He asked the State Trooper what was wrong.

The trooper said, "we can't prevent you from proceeding sir, but we must warn you that a lion escaped from the state zoo and is loose in this area. He was shot with a tranquilizer dart, but it didn't seem to have an effect."

The caretaker said "I am on a mission and can't delay." And so he went on.

After he got to the beach and rounded up half a dozen baby sea gulls, the caretaker started back to his car. Just before he got to the car, the lion jumped in the path in front of him, roared loudly and then fell to the ground. The caretaker watched the lion closely but it didn't move so he proceeded to carefully step over the lion and continue to his car.

Just before he reached his car a State Trooper stopped the caretaker and said "Sir, you are under arrest."

The caretaker said "On what charge?"

"For transporting young gulls across a staid lion for immoral porpoises."